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Apply Leirvik deliver tailor made EPC products, Engineering, Procurement and Fabrication – based on our standardized Project Execution Model and standardized components in which we incorporate client specifications as well as applicable regional regulations. 

Our vision is Challenging Excellence;
driving our efforts to continuously improve our ways of working to enhance Customer value.


Apply Leirvik flytter aktiviteten fra Seglneset til Aslaksvik


Frem mot nyttår pågår det flytting av all aktivitet fra Apply Leirvik sitt prefabrikasjonsanlegg på Seglneset i Sagvåg, til hovedanlegget i Aslaksvik.
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Peregrino II Living Quarters – Contract to Apply Leirvik


Apply Leirvik has been awarded a new LQ EPC contract from Statoil, with a total value of approx 400 MNOK. Apply Leirvik AS will perform the work at Stord.
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New Managing Director at Apply Leirvik AS


Helge Gjøsæter (53) is the new Managing Director at Apply Leirvik AS. He takes over the helm from Lars Solberg who has managed the company since 2011.
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